YG Teases a 'Special Project' with Nipsey Hussle

In an interview promoting his new album '4REAL 4REAL,' the Los Angeles rapper says there's a project that will be "next-level" with Nipsey Hussle in the works.
Queens, United States
May 24, 2019, 4:15pm

YG's fourth studio album 4REAL 4REAL was slated for an April release but he delayed the album after the death of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle in March. The Los Angeles rapper has been candid about his relationship with Nipsey Hussle, like the tribute to the rapper during his Coachella set in April and the eulogy he gave at Hussle's funeral—which he included as a closer on 4REAL 4REAL. In an interview with REAL 92.3 LA, YG talked about the process for his fourth album and the unreleased music he has with Nipsey Hussle.

"Me and Nip was just in the studio like last September, October," he tells the radio station. "We had started to try to work on the project again. We were trying to put it out by like December. But ain't really too much get done," he says. According to an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the two were working on an album called 2 of Amerikkka's Most Wanted when they released "FDT," a diss-track aimed at then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. The album, according to the Times, is still unfinished.

YG, however, doesn't specify exactly what the secretive project is, except that it's special. "I got a special project that me and Nip was working on, right before he passed," he told the station. "It's like special. We gon' make that happen. His family and everybody want that to happen. So that's a priority for me." When asked if it was a joint project or compilation, the Los Angeles rapper just grins. "It's some next-level shit though."

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