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Watch This Guy Walk Between High-Rise Balconies To Save His Cat

Why, sir? Why?
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA
April 26, 2019, 1:44pm
The man going over the balcony and the man coming back with the cat.
The man going over the balcony and the man coming back with the cat. Photo via Instagram screenshot.

A man went to some pretty goddamn extreme measures to save his little cat friend when it moseyed on over to a balcony one apartment over in Toronto Wednesday night.

In an Instagram video that’s since gone viral, a Liberty Village condo resident crossed from his balcony to his neighbours’ just to save his little furry orange fella—according to CTV the man was about six stories up. In an anonymous interview with Blog TO, the man said his neighbours weren’t home to help him, so he had to get creative.


"He was trying to squeeze back under the glass and getting stuck almost, I was afraid he was going to hurt himself," he told the outlet. "He would likely have fallen if he'd tried to hop back over. I had to do something quick."

So, with the fear of his furrball turning into a splat on the ground at the forefront of his mind, he took action.

Like a fucking action hero, this guy decided to get his ass over the railing and walk across a small outcropping to the his kitty. Now this portion of the video is, to me, one of the scariest moments. He precariously uses a chair to hoist himself over the top of the railing and, in doing so just straight up gives me that particular palm-wetting feeling of dread typically reserved to those YouTube videos of Russians climbing and hanging off tall things.

From here the dude just kind of scoots across the little outcropping between the balconies. On the video, which was recorded by a neighbour in a different building, his precarious shuffling was summed up well by the user @tdotindiemusic who wrote, “dude just walks across like a boss! No shuffling across, holding on to each jut out. He just beast modes it." Truly, he does beast mode this shit and just walks. Hell, after the first two windows he doesn’t clutch the wall or watch his steps. The whole thing is over in a jiffy and, in all honesty, the fact he did it quick probably made it safer.

The crazy cat man reaches the other side in short time, grabs his cat by the scruff of his neck and starts walking back. Now as the owner of a cat this freaks me out almost as bad as the first portion. You see, my cat is real chill boy. One I can flop about most of the time if I want to, but he’s also a cat so I know if he doesn’t want to be somewhere he’ll struggle something mighty. I can just picture this guy halfway across, his cat going beserker mode and, badda-boom badda-bing, I’m writing a very different story. Thankfully this cat seemed to be OK with ragdolling the whole time and the guy gets to the other side to hand him off.

From here we get to the point where the man has to get over the railing again but the video cuts off before we know he’s fully safe, but I’m going to assume he survived due to the fact he spoke to Blog TO afterwards. According to the outlet, when they asked if he was terrified during the walk he just shrugged.

"I just wanted to get him back," was all he said. Boss.

Now as a cat lover who also has a fear of heights, this leaves me torn.

Look, I love my cat. I really do. I’ve had him since he was a kitten and he’s been there for a lot of big moments—my graduation from a low-tier university, my first job in journalism, etc. He was my sole companion when I packed up my bags and drove across the country in shitty van from Edmonton to Toronto. I’ve spent a lot of time with my little buddy and would do pretty much whatever for him. That said, I’m sorry Poe but, fuck that.

Fuck that so much.

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