Record-breaking number of condoms to attend Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics

Unfortunately no medals will be awarded.

The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea will be filled with action. On the slopes, on the rink, and in the village, where organizers apparently expect a new record will be broken — and it’s not one the committee gives out medals for.

Olympics organizers told the AFP they’ll be providing athletes with a record-breaking number of condoms this year — 110,000, to be exact.

The AFP did the math, and with 2,925 athletes participating in the games, that means an average of 37.6 condoms per person.


The organizers said in a statement the condoms will be made available essentially everywhere — in the bathrooms, around the villages, in the press center, the media village, and the medical centers.

Convenience Co, a rubber manufacturer, donated 100,000 of the condoms, according to the AFP. The company said the condoms are intended to facilitate "a successful hosting of the Winter Olympics and the prevention of the spread of the HIV virus".

A spokesperson for the games told the AFP that he didn’t expect “expect the athletes to use them all,” and that he expects some will take them home as souvenirs.

Neither the Pyeongchang 2018 press office, nor the Olympic committee, immediately respond to VICE News’ request for comment.

Despite its pristine veneer, the Olympic village has long been a playground for athletes looking to let off steam outside their events. The number of condoms doled out has meteorically risen over the last several decades: In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, just 8,500 condoms were provided. By 2004, the Athens Olympic Games organizers had handed out more than 130,000.

Every year Seoul, new scandals have erupted. During those games, many of those 8,500 condoms were found outside, which reportedly led to an official ban on outdoor sex in the Olympic village. At the 1994 Winter Olympics, an alpine skier said two German bobsledders offered to trade their medals for sexual favors. There was an informal and unauthorized brothel reported at the 2000 games in Sydney, a hot tub orgy at Vancouver games in 2010, and “sex right out in the open,” at the London games in 2012. One American javelin thrower admitted having sex with three women every single day, sometimes just hours apart, according to ESPN.

With the new record number of condoms, it seems the Olympics organizers are in agreement with swimmer and apparent sex expert Ryan Lochte, who once said roughly three-quarters of Olympians were having sex, explaining, “Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.”