Towkio and SZA's "Morning View" Sounds Like Watching a Sunrise

The serene new track appears on Towkio's debut album 'WWW.'
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
February 23, 2018, 12:48pm
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Today, Chicago rapper Towkio releases his debut album WWW. You may or may not know that Towkio celebrated that release by ascending 100,000 feet in a helium balloon before parachuting back down to Earth while listening to the album. I just thought I should add that because it's wild. Anyway, on WWW., you'll find a pretty, slight track called "Morning View" which features SZA. And if it's space and air Towkio is seeking, he seems to find them here.

"Morning View" isn't too far away from something we might expect from a Kevin Abstract album cut: driven by vocals from both Towkio and SZA, it's carried along on a simple guitar lick and understated percussion. It emits a warm type of calm, of the sort that recalls early sun shining down onto an uncovered shoulder, and sitting outside, feeling quietly replenished by daylight.

It's one of the record's most reflective moments, and SZA's addition feels like a shrewd one: her sweet tone imparts exactly the sort of serene energy intended for the track. The simple combination of voices and instruments here prove that less can sometimes be more, and somehow, listening to "Morning View" has a similar effect to looking into a sunset: centring, quiet, meditative.

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