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People Are Selling KFC Bargain Buckets for £100 on eBay Following Chicken Shortage

When will the nightmare be over???
Screengrab courtesy eBay user francescab

The end of days is upon us. People are rioting in the streets and chucking chicken carcasses at empty shop windows. Men, women, and children cower for safety clutching their Bargain Buckets, retreating to basements and sheds armed with plastic cutlery. Your mate got punched for mentioning a Zinger Tower Meal on the bus. All because KFC has run out of chicken. The horror.

Following the news earlier this week that hundreds of KFCs had closed across the UK due to issues with the company’s chicken supplier, people are finding savvy ways to redistribute the fast food chain’s items. Instead of suffering at the hands of KFC’s new distribution company, DHL, who failed to deliver the chicken due to “teething issues,” people have started selling KFC Bargain Buckets on eBay.

As reported in the Evening Standard, numerous sales for “KFC Chicken” have appeared on the auction website, with prices ranging from 1p to £100. One listing for “KFC CHICKEN” at £8.50 had received 13 bids at the time of writing. Another sale with the title “KFC CHICKEN FOUND!! Grab Your Own Here!!” was selling for £2.00, but had received zero bids. In the description, the seller explained, “Not currently available on the high street!! These rare pieces are sought after by collectors and chicken lovers throughout the UK. Beautifully coated and cooked to perfection, these golden angels are a treat for your eyes.” MUNCHIES reached out to the seller to verify the sale but did not receive a response.

KFC announced that over half of its stores were now open across the UK and Ireland in a tweet on Tuesday. However, according to its official website, hundreds of branches still appear to be closed, forcing distraught customers “to go to Burger King.” Police have warned people not to call 999 to report the issue.

The nightmare continues.