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Google Celebrates Hip-Hop’s Birthday by Teaching You How to Mix Records

The Google doodle project, narrated by Fab 5 Freddy, celebrates the 44th anniversary of DJ Kool Herc's seminal Bronx party.
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The Google doodle, the thing that you used to notice when you actually went to the Google homepage instead of typing a curt request into your URL bar like a lazy ass, is worth checking out today. It's celebrating the 44th anniversary of the party that DJ Kool Herc threw the Bronx that's gone down as a foundational moment in hip-hop history.

Click on the play button above the search bar at Google and you'll get an animated Fab 5 Freddy telling you, "Today, we're celebrating one of the most important innovations in hip-hop music—the break." After a minute-long animated history lesson, you'll be presented with two decks, a crossfader, and a crate of assorted vinyl to play around with. You can mix staples like Bongo Band's "Apache," George Clinton's "Computer Games," and Billy Squier's "The Big Beat."

Google engineers Kevin Burke, Ryan Germick and Perla Campos were behind the project and there's a pretty interesting interview with the three of them, Def Jam's Cey Adams, and Fab 5 Freddy over at Google right now. Check that out, but not before you've dedicated an hour of your day to messing around with cool samples.

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