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A Very Generous Lorde Has Given Us Six 'Melodrama' Song Re-Workings

Six. Six! Thank you based Lorde.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Lorde's second album Melodrama is a rich, layered record that seems like it holds a great deal of possibilities – its songs pulsate with life, and on each listen, you discover something new to love about them. It seems that Lorde herself sees the album similarly, as yesterday she released six new "re-imaginings" of tracks from it, performed as a live session at New York's Electric Lady studios.

Though Lorde doesn't tend to be the sort of artist who typically records live or acoustic renditions of her music, "with this record, it had roots in acoustic instruments," she told Vevo (who were behind the whole thing). "I really felt like the songs deserved to be pulled apart in a lot of ways." This, in turn, is excellent news for Lorde fans, because we now have new, beautifully-shot versions of "Homemade Dynamite," "Sober," "Supercut," "Hard Feelings/Loveless," "Writer in the Dark," and "The Louvre." It is also excellent news for Vevo, since it's basically great PR for them (well played).


Though these versions don't stray enormously from the originals, it's a treat to see Lorde performing live in such an intimate setting – considering she's now a huge star who plays festival main stages – treating even the more bombastic tracks with delicate care. It's also pretty special to see her airing the finished tracks in the studio where they were made, as Electric Lady was where she recorded Melodrama. You can watch the interview above and see the rest of the videos below.

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