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China's 'Spicy King' Contest Submerges Competitors in Vats of Chiles

Who doesn’t want to take a pleasant dip in a searing vat of chiles?
Billede via NetEase.

Sometimes you just want to wash away all the cares in the world and spend a pleasant afternoon submerged in an ungodly slurry of peppers and capsaicin-infused water. After all nothing says chillax quite a searing pain in your eyes and a collapsed lung filled with crudité!

No one knows this better than the contestants of "Spicy King", a chile-eating competition that took place over the weekend in Ningxiang, a city in China's Hunan province. As part of the August 12 competition, competitors submerged themselves in massive vats of chili peppers floating in water as they attempted to eat as many peppers as they could.


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While it's not clear exactly how many contestants participated in the competition, photos have been circulating showing roughly a dozen different competitors submerged in vats of peppers floating in water. People's Daily, China reports that the winner of "Spicy King" was a man named Su who ended up eating 15 chiles in 60 seconds.

Ho hum hot dog eating competitions suddenly seem so passé.

Will the rest of the world accept the nihilistic embrace of Spicy King and begin a global revolution of submerged chile-eating competitions? We sure as hell hope so.