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Kanye West Has Produced All of Pusha T's New Album, Says Pusha T

He told the crowd at Made in America festival that 'King Push' is Kanye "top to bottom."
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During his set at Jay Z's Made in America festival this past weekend, Pusha T divulged details of his upcoming album King Push, specifically that it has been produced entirely by Kanye West. He'd previously stated that Kanye was to have a big hand in the making of the record, but has now gone a step further to confirm that Kanye is the only producer on the record.

Pusha told the crowd in Philadelphia that the album is "top to bottom" produced by Kanye, and that he's now made it "three times" over because he keeps scrapping the beats in order to make better ones. He continued, "we've just been locking in, day for day, night for night," to make the record "perfect," and noted that it's a "luxury" to be able to "take your time" in this way. See Pusha talk about King Push below, and get excited, because though there's no official release date yet, it seems that new work from Kanye – and Pusha T – is closer than we might have thought.

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