A Woman Found a Secret Box from Chuck Palahniuk Hidden in Her Ceiling

The 'Fight Club' author apparently stashed the goodies a decade ago when he used to own the home.
Photo of Palahniuk in 2016 by Renard Garr/Getty Images

A woman in Portland, Oregon, was having work done in her upstairs bathroom when she unearthed a secret box hidden by Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk, KPTV reports.

The current homeowner, Jolynn Winter, bought the house ten years ago from the author—but didn't realize that the guy had stashed some goodies in the walls before he left.

Contractors were pulling down the bathroom ceiling when they came across the time capsule: a sealed backgammon game box filled with Palahniuk's photos, notes, and an autographed copy of Fight Club dedicated to whoever found the box in the future. It also included blueprints for the original remodel and some Bush-era newspaper clippings.


Winter posted photos of the find on Facebook, promising to "pay it forward." After making the discovery, Winter decided to place Palahniuk's box back up above the ceiling and added a few new contributions from her family for the next homeowners to find.

According to the letter, Palahniuk remodeled the house in 2002, adding the upstairs half-bath and slipping in his time capsule in the process.

"To whoever find this box," it reads, "here are a few gifts from us. We've lived in this house since March 1997 and placed this box during a bathroom remodeling in 2002… We hope you're as happy in this house as we've been. We've done our best to leave it much nicer than we found it."

Whoever winds up buying Chuck's current home down the line, get ready, because in all likelihood some nondescript wall hides a great treasure—an autographed copy of his new adult coloring book.