Patrick Brown Broke the Ontario News Cycle

The former (or maybe current) PC leader had a very busy day.
Photo via CP

Within a few hours’ span today, the following stories came out about former (we think) Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown: He is suing CTV for the reporting that lead to his resignation; sources say he didn’t actually resign and he’s still PC leader; and finally, Brown didn’t know about the preceding story and he’s not focused on “technicalities,” whatever that means.

Brown resigned last month after CTV News reported two young women accused him of sexual misconduct. At the time, he issued a blanket denial about the alleged incidents, but quickly stepped down amid pressure from his party.


“After consulting with caucus, friends and family I have decided to step down as leader of the Ontario PC Party. I will remain on as a MPP while I definitively clear my name from these false allegations,” he said.

But after one of the key allegations in the CTV story turned out to be inaccurate—one of the accusers said she was not underage and in high school at the time of the incident as was first reported—Brown went on the offensive in an interview with Global, aired Wednesday.

He announced Thursday he would be suing CTV over what he said was inaccurate reporting and false allegations.

"I am suing CTV," Brown wrote in a Facebook post. "My lawyers are talking to CTV. Early this week, CTV lawyers agreed to ensure that all emails, texts and other correspondence related to this travesty are held independently for safe keeping."

This was followed shortly by a CityNews story called: “Patrick Brown claims he didn't resign and is still PC party leader: sources.”


One of CityNews’ sources said, “[Brown] is fighting for everything; he is fighting for his political life and he is not going to give it away.”

According to CityNews’ sources, Brown is being encouraged to sit as Opposition leader when the legislature returns later this month.

Of course, Brown was quick to respond to the story on Twitter, saying he was unaware of it and then issuing a perfectly vague statement about it.

The PC party is currently set to have a leadership vote on March 10.

Later today, there’s a PC leadership debate featuring Caroline Mulroney, Doug Ford, Christine Elliott, and Tanya Granic Allen.

There was no word yet at press time as to whether Brown will be bringing his own podium to the event.