Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Secret: Simply Do Everything Differently

Losing 100 pounds in six months is neither realistic nor recommended.
Jessica Simpson, noted subject of this blog (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images)

What’s Jessica Simpson’s secret to weight loss without going to the gym? Going to the gym, apparently.

The erstwhile singer-turned-fashion brand figurehead posted on Instagram earlier this week about how she’s lost about 100 pounds after giving birth to her daughter in March, and now there’s a whole mini-press cycle about Simpson’s weight loss and how she claims to have done it with the help of her personal trainer, Harley Pasternak. Speaking to People on Thursday, Pasternak attributed “the majority of the weight loss” to “everything she did outside of the gym” like walking more, sleeping more, and changing her diet—never mind that the bottom third of the article reveals she does go to the gym three times a week for 45 minutes.

So, what’s the big insight here? That a wealthy person who could afford to significantly alter all her diet and exercise habits lost weight, and all she had to do was significantly alter all her diet and exercise habits? That she lost weight at a rate that’s almost double what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends if you’re actually trying to keep the weight off? That anyone who reads about Simpson’s weight loss should expect to be able to do the same? Even Pasternak said that Simpson lost “an extraordinary amount of weight” in a phone interview with VICE, noting that 100 pounds is “not a typical amount of weight” one could expect to lose in six months or less. “That includes the weight of the baby,” he added. “The amniotic fluid, the placenta.”

Anyway, if you want to lose weight, you probably shouldn’t look to Jessica Simpson for tips—beyond the whole “change your diet and exercise more” thing, which I don’t think her personal trainer needed to spell out for us. She has a reported net worth of about $170 million and can afford to pay personal trainers and other professionals to help her figure out how to lose 100 pounds in six months. Like most celebrities’ health and wellness secrets, the real secret to Jessica Simpson’s rapid weight loss is probably just money.

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