Blood Orange Used Actual Space Sounds for a New 'Ad Astra' Visual

The artist scored a new clip for the upcoming space movie starring Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones.
Bettina Makalintal
Brooklyn, US
Screenshot via YouTube

Move over, lofi hip hop beats to study to, there's some new ambient background noise in town, straight from… deep space.

For the score to a visual inspired by the upcoming Ad Astra, a film about an astronaut (Brad Pitt) who searches the solar system for his missing astronaut father (Tommy Lee Jones), 20th Century Fox sought out singer-songwriter Dev Hynes, better known as Blood Orange. Following the film's title, which means "to the stars" in Latin, Hynes took inspiration from space itself, according to Space.com, who first shared the clip titled "Ad Astra: Sounds of Space."


Per a statement from 20th Century Fox, the artist scoured archives to collect "actual sounds of space such as planetary radio emissions and archival vocals from space missions" to use in the clip's score.

The result is a beautiful but eerie mix of somber piano sounds, whirring, beeping, and screaming. "The endless void, the endless void," a voice repeats, as a collection of clips from the film plays in kaleidoscope-like fashion. Ad Astra is causing plenty of anticipation as-is, with an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing, but even if space movies aren't up your alley, the visual is worth checking out on its own.

Ad Astra opens nationwide on September 20, but until then, watch the trailer here.

Update 9/2/19: This piece and headline have been updated to reflect that Blood Orange scored a special visual, not the full soundtrack.