This Is How Rudy Giuliani Went Off the Rails: Watch the First Episode of the Impeachment Show

“I can’t defend what he’s become, and nobody wants to hear about what he was.”
November 9, 2019, 1:49pm
Rudy Giuliani on The Impeachment Show

Whatever happened to America’s Mayor?

For Ken Frydman, Rudy Giuliani’s former spokesman, Giuliani’s transition from America’s beloved mayor who led New York City through the aftermath of 9/11 to President Trump’s personal lawyer who is embroiled in the impeachment inquiry is personal.

Frydman carried a photo from his wedding that Giuliani officiated in his wallet for 25 years. That picture now sits in his drawer.


“I can’t defend what he’s become, and nobody wants to hear about what he was,” Frydman told VICE News. “He’s become a national punchline.”

Frydman recalled Giuliani’s cool-headed response to 9/11, but he said Giuliani has changed.

“I see a recklessness in him that I never saw before, going out on these limbs, saying things that could very well factor into the impeachment of his client,” Frydman said.

He first saw a shift begin after Giuliani left his mayorship and founded his security company.Paid speeches and luxury hotels accompanied Giuliani’s newfound fame, Frydman said. But his fame eventually faded, leading Giuliani to his latest role — the president’s personal lawyer.

“He wasn’t relevant for quite a while and Donald Trump made him relevant again and richer than he already was,” Frydman said. “I think what happened to Rudy Giuliani was he was seduced by money, power, and fame.”

Watch the full first episode of "The Impeachment Show," which airs on TV at 10 p.m. on Viceland.