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Indian Electrician Fined by Cops, Gets Revenge by Cutting Police Station's Power

After cops in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh fined the lineman for riding a bike without a helmet, he cut off their electricity supply.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Indian electrician cuts police stations power supply as revenge for fine
Photos for representational purposes only via Wikimedia Commons (left) and Pixabay (right)

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. And leaving people out in the cold is exactly what this electrician in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India did when he got caught by the cops and wanted to avenge what he thought was a wrongdoing.

On July 31, a lineman identified as Srinivas, who worked for the electricity department in the city of Firozabad, was pulled over and fined by the local police for riding his bike without wearing a helmet while he was out for some repair work. Despite all his protests and pleadings, the traffic police from Line Par police station fined the rulebreaker Rs 500. While the electrician had no choice but to pay up at the time, he used his power to execute the most savage revenge plot: He cut off the electricity supply to the Line Par police station.

After making an online payment to clear his dues, Srinivas asked his fellow staff about the pending bill from that specific police station. When he found out that they had not paid their bill of over six lakhs in three years, it worked as an excuse for Srinivas to set his plan in motion. “The cop, along with his associates, started explaining me the rules for violating traffic norms and in return, I explained them the rules and penalty for not paying power bill on time,” he told the Times of India.

For five hours, the police station was in the dark and had no power. It was only after they complained to senior electricity officials that they figured out what really happened. “Srinivas had come to me and expressed inability to pay a fine of Rs 500 as his monthly income was Rs 6,000. We tried to convince cops from Line Par police station, but they did not budge. And this might have led to Sriniwas taking such a step. He did not inform us,” Ranveer Singh, the sub-divisional officer (SDO) of the electricity department told Hindustan Times. He also pointed out that the electrician was pissed as he had not been paid in months and after reverifying the pending bill and sending several reminders, found that the police station continued to throw its weight around and not pay their bills. Meanwhile, the police claim that over Rs 1.15 crore has been paid to the electricity department for all the offices and police stations in Firozabad, and maintains that it will clear the due amount of the Line Par police station soon. Looks like being in power has its perks.

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