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CupcakKe Is the Coolest Rapper in Chicago

The 20-year-old went viral with an over-the-top, insatiably horny persona, but reducing her to a sheer X-rated spectacle is ignoring what makes her remarkable.
Photos by Melissa Ann Pinney.

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This past August, Chicago's coolest rapper made her Lollapalooza debut, joining her best friend and transatlantic kindred spirit Charli XCX for a show-stealing duet; returned from headlining a show at NYC's Le Poisson Rouge, the first stop on her Queen Elizabitch tour; and signed the lease on her own place. She'll drop another special project at the end of the year. These are striking accomplishments for any artist, and ones that 20-year-old Elizabeth Harris—better known as her fearless, freaky alter ego, CupcakKe—hadn't imagined when she transitioned from writing poetry to raps. When I met her for lunch late that month at Kuma's, a metal-head burger bar in Chicago's Avondale neighborhood, I wasn't sure how many patrons would know, or at least sense, that this was a woman fresh off numerous milestone achievements, who is considered one of the top-five hottest female rappers in America. But even if the crowd of Black Sabbath–listening burger-eaters didn't exactly recognize her—with her cloud of burgundy curls matched to her red silk jumpsuit—it was unspoken and understood: This is somebody.

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