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The Indigenous Mexican Tribe That Honors Rare Psychedelic Toads

Check out a deleted scene from the new season of 'HAMILTON'S PHARMACOPEIA.'

On Tuesday, VICELAND is debuting the season of HAMILTON'S PHARMACOPEIA, where host Hamilton Morris treks to Mexico to hunt for bufo alvarius: a rare species of toad native to the Sonoran Desert and known for producing a potent strand of DMT. He spoke with herpetologists, hunted down the toads with locals, and linked up with a toad venom shaman to watch a few brave souls sample the substance—all before trying it himself.


Ahead of Tuesday's premiere, you can check out a deleted scene from Hamilton's sit-down with members of the Yaqui tribe, which has long admired the toad as a harbinger of water in the desert. He talked to them about the bufo alvarius's significance to their heritage, and looked on as a few Yaqui tribesmen performed a ceremonial dance in tribute to the toad and prayed for rain.

Check out the deleted scene from the season two premiere of HAMILTON'S PHARMACOPEIA above, and make sure to catch new episodes every Tuesday on VICELAND at 10 PM. Find out how to tune in here.