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A Halt On Kurdish Independence, Albert Einstein's Letter, and a Wes Anderson-Themed Party: The VICE Morning Bulletin

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International News

Kurdish Authority Willing to Hold Off on Separation
The Kurdish Regional Government has suggested a "freeze" on the results of a recent referendum in favor of independence, and has urged the Iraqi government to agree to an immediate ceasefire and talks. Iraqi troops have clashed with Kurdish forces in Kirkuk following the disputed referendum in the Kurdish region.—Al Jazeera

Chinese President Decides Not to Name Successor
Xi Jinping has announced the new members of the politburo's standing committee, his six closest decision-making deputies. Yet the Chinese president did not suggest an obvious heir, as previous leaders have done at this juncture. All six men are in their sixties, and one would be expected to take over in 2022 following Xi's second term.—The Guardian


Kenya Set to Hold Reelection
The head of the country's Supreme Court said it lacks enough judges to hear a case urging the bench to delay Thursday's election. Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu could not attend the hearing because her bodyguard was shot and hospitalized. The opposition is refusing to take part in the election replay, claiming the August vote was subject to corruption.—BBC News

North Korean University Reveals Teacher Shortage
The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology is making "vigorous" efforts to recruit international academics now that US travel restrictions have left the institution without enough lecturers. Prior to the ban, roughly 60 members of the 130-person faculty at the English-language university were from the US.—Reuters

Everything Else

Eminem Wins Case Against New Zealand's Conservatives
A New Zealand judge ruled that the National Party has to pay the rapper $415,000 USD plus interest for using a song closely resembling "Lose Yourself" in a campaign ad. Eminem's lawyer said it was a "cautionary tale for people who make or use sound-alikes."—AP

Albert Einstein's Happiness Letter Sells for $1.3 Million USD
A note written by the renowned scientist for a bellboy instead of a tip was auctioned off in Jerusalem Tuesday. Einstein wrote: "A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness."—Deutsche Welle

Twitter Promises More Transparency
The social media giant is launching a new "Transparency Center" that gives details on current ads and why some have been targeted at certain users. Twitter will also bring in "stricter requirements" for political ads.—VICE News

Alice Glass Makes Abuse Allegations Against Bandmate
The singer has explained why she left Crystal Castles in 2014, claiming she suffered more than a decade of sexual, physical, and psychological abuse from band member Ethan Kath. In a long and detailed blog post, Glass said it started when she was 15.—Noisey

Gallery Hosts Wes Anderson Costume Party
The Spoke Art Gallery is holding its eighth annual Halloween gathering themed around the director's movies. Although all previous events have taken place in New York City, the October 27 party is happening at Portland's Talon Gallery.—i-D