These Recipes Turn Your Favorite Snacks Into Pizza

These Recipes Turn Your Favorite Snacks Into Pizza

Learn the secrets of pizza alchemy.

Have you ever asked yourself, "What is a pizza?"

The most common answer to this question isn't philosophical at all: it's dough, cheese, and tomato sauce, or some variation thereof. But there is something more to pizza, something fundamental, an essence or a spirit that whispers, "Greetings, I am the perfect ratio of ingredients, eat me and I will comfort you," when you see and smell a hot pie.

Can the spirit of pizza live on through other vessels, like French toast, nachos, or even a swirly bun? We'd sure like to think so, which is why we've put together some of our most inventive riffs on the pizza pie. We're suckers for tradition but sometimes the spirit of pizza calls us in another wonderful direction.


RECIPE: Cheesy Pizza Bun

Pizza for breakfast is always a good idea, so why not combine your love of cinnamon buns with your love of pizza? This recipe replaces the usual sweet gooey cinnamon swirl with ricotta, mortadella, and parmesan for a savory almost-pizza vibe.

RECIPE: Pizza French Toast

Speaking of pizza for breakfast, Black Axe Mangal chef Lee Tiernan shared this timeless hangover classic with us a while back. It consists of taking leftover pizza, soaking it in eggs, pan-frying it, and voilà! pizza french toast. We recommend this technique only for the most brutal of hangovers.

RECIPE: Pizza Potatoes

Potatoes on pizza is a rad double-carb combo that's been done forever. But a potato casserole dressed like pizza is an even more awesome. Disagree? You think it's lacking "authenticity"? Tell that to Frank Pinello's aunt, who gave us this recipe. She'll set you straight.

RECIPE: Supreme Pizza Nachos

OK, this is a pretty big departure from actual pizza, but it's every bit as good as it sounds. Sub your salsa in a jar with a homemade marinara sauce and top these nachos as you would a pie and we guarantee that these will be a hit at your next sporting event or Oscars party.