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Watch the trailer for VICE on HBO‘s “Engineering Earth”

This week on VICE on HBO, we take a look at a radical plan to save the earth from climate change

Greenhouse gas emissions are pouring out at unprecedented levels, and the numbers are still rising. But with climate skeptics (and their allies in industry and government) thwarting conservationists’ efforts, some scientists are working to develop a back-up plan: using technology to “geoengineer” the Earth's atmosphere and reduce the impacts of climate change.

But geoengineering is seen by some as a distraction from the real challenge of climate change in much of the scientific community. Critics say it's a solution that diverts attention away from the real challenge, which is finding a way for the world to drastically reduce the amount of man-made carbon that its pumping into the atmosphere.

In this all-new episode of VICE on HBO, Shane Smith and Ben Anderson took an in-depth look at how this technology would work — and how effective this radical (and potentially dangerous) plan could be.

Watch the full report Friday at 7:30 PM and 11 PM EDT on HBO.

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