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A Sydney Charity Recruited a 19-Year-Old For ISIS

The teen was apprehended while trying to enter Syria and has been held in a Lebanon jail for nine months.
June 7, 2018, 2:10am

The ABC has obtained a Lebanese court dossier that details the case of Australian Isaak el Matari, the 19-year-old jailed in Lebanon on accusations of trying join ISIS. The teen was attempting to travel to Syria when he was arrested in Tripoli, and has been held in Lebanon’s Roumieh jail for nine months since he was apprehended. The ABC reports that he will soon be deported back to Australia, where he will face counter-terrorism authorities.

Seven Years of Syria

Before he comes home, however, he’ll face one final interrogation from Lebanon's General Security intelligence agency. During his incarceration he has faced Lebanon's military tribunal, been interrogated, and provided information about Australian ISIS fighters and supporters.

In a disturbing twist, Matari was allegedly brought into the fold by Adnan Baradaaji, the head of a charity called Dar Al Quran Wa Sunnah, which is based in both Sydney and Tripoli. The charity’s official purpose is fundraising for refugees, but several members have been accused of raising money and recruitingfor ISIS.