Leo, June 2018
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Leo, June 2018

It's almost summer—your season!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Gemini season! This time of year always finds you busy socializing, and this June will be no exception. The mood will especially sweet and sappy at the start of the month, thanks to sexy Venus connecting with lucky Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, on June 1 and June 2, respectively. The energy will be kind of lazy; make time to be able to sleep in! Romance will be in the air, and you’ll be feeling more sentimental than usual. This is a beautiful time to work out issues that have been weighing you down emotionally, and for letting go of the past and exploring your deepest needs.


This will be a fun weekend: Luxurious Venus’s connection with generous Jupiter and creative Neptune will make for a whimsical combination… so long as you’re clear on your boundaries. It’s unlike you to go with the flow for the sake of being nice and not rocking the boat—Leos usually know when to say no—however, with this planetary alignment, it’s important that you don’t agree to things just for the sake of being pleasant.

Shit will get real on June 5. Venus will oppose Pluto, and any rose-colored glasses you may have been wearing will get swiped off. Pluto forces us to look at the truth about things, and for Venus’s sake, let’s hope it’s not too ugly. Pluto asks us to look beneath the surface, but it’s also important to remember that it’s the planet of power. During this time, questions about abuse of power will come up. Watch out for manipulation and power struggles, obsession and suspicion, as well as issues around jealousy (I mean, who wouldn’t be envious of you, dear Leo?). These problems may come up in your daily routines, or perhaps they may manifest as someone trying to control your day-to-day, mundane tasks. How to deal with this, Leo? My preferred way to manage Pluto problems is bringing in a third party to help mediate.

Also on this day, June 5, the Sun (which is your planetary ruler) will meet messenger planet Mercury, which means this will be a very busy time for you socially. If you’re involved in activism, plenty of talk about plans will take place at this time. Emotionally, make time to reflect on your hopes and dreams for the future, and ask yourself if the people you’re spending time with are really supporting your efforts, or if the projects you’re working on are really worth your time. Conflicting emotions will be in the air—which is always tough for you, Leo. On one hand, the mood will be intensely passionate; on the other, you’ll also be in a position where you must maintain your cool and approach things logically.


Being pulled in so many directions may find you wanting to simply check out. This will be especially true by June 7, when the Sun squares off with the planet of illusion (and delusion), Neptune. Daydreaming has its benefits, but don’t stick your mane in the sand. Even more importantly, don’t let Neptune’s sometimes-paranoid energy get ahold of you. Channel the—let’s be honest—weird energy today by focusing on your creative endeavors instead. The first part of this month will be major for working out what (and who) deserves your time, and what sort of depth you can expect from the relationships you’re engaging in.

With Venus entering your sign, you’re back to your glamorous, dashing self, and probably less interested in keeping whomever you’re kissing a secret.

Communication planet Mercury enters intuitive water sign Cancer on June 12, activating a very psychic sector of your chart. This is a great time to read up on psychic development, and also to generally reconnect with yourself emotionally. You’ll be sharing secrets and exploring hidden places, and a silent retreat will also sound good to you at this time. Cancer is the sector of your chart that rules your sleep, making this a fab time to start keeping a dream journal, as well as to begin therapy, to study the occult, or to take up meditation.

There’s a new moon in air sign Gemini on June 13, which will bring a fresh start to your social life. On top of that, sexy, seductive Venus enters your sign on the same day! This is a great time to plan some parties, to spend time with exciting people, and to network. It’s also a great time to go shopping: Venus is the planet of beauty, and having it in your sign will inspire you to rethink your look, especially with the new moon vibes that’ll be in the air. You’re going to be running in new social circles, so a change in your look—and on a deeper level, how you style yourself, as well as how you flirt, charm, and relate—will feel right. While Venus was in Cancer, starting on May 19, it found you in a shier mood than usual. You may have also engaged in a secret romance. With Venus entering your sign, you’re back to your glamorous, dashing self, and probably less interested in keeping whomever you’re kissing a secret.


Cancer season officially kicks off on the summer solstice—June 21—illuminating this magical but very private sector of your chart. This transit will bring these themes of mystery and reconnection with yourself even more into focus. Make sure to catch up on time alone. Leos are thought of as being very extroverted, but everyone needs time to spend by themselves.

Neptune starts its retrograde in water sign Pisces on June 18, finding you reflecting on what your deepest fantasies are… as well as your deepest fears. This will be a powerful time to connect with your inner voice, and to engage in spiritual practice. Circle June 23 on your calendar as a date on which you’ll have some totally brilliant ideas. Also watch out for June 27, when the Sun opposes Saturn. You’re going to be in a dreamy mood; however, you’ll need to be mindful about your relationship with authority as well as your work.

There’s a full moon in Capricorn on June 28, which stands to be an emotionally intense time for you. You’ll find yourself realizing that you have to let go of the bad habits you’ve been participating in. Shake-ups around your work or your schedule are also likely. On the next day, June 29, communication planet Mercury will enter your sign, finding you feeling totally confident about expressing yourself, planning, and organizing; this will also boost your mental acuity. Watch out for surprising news on June 30, when Mercury squares off with electric Uranus.

The biggest thing to watch out for this month, Leo? Mars retrograde begins in Aquarius on June 26 (and will stay retrograde until August 27, 2018). Penetrative Mars goes limp while it’s retrograde, and you will find that getting motivated will be difficult. You’ll especially notice this in your relationships, and later in the summer, in your day-to-day life and at the workplace. Partners from your past will reenter the scene, and generally, you’ll find that the people in your life aren’t having the best time expressing their anger, their passion, or finding their drive. That said, if you have a foe you’re competing with, Mars retrograde may find them at a huge disadvantage—but, Leo, deeply consider how competitive you really want to be during this low energy time.

Good luck and see you in July!