Australian World Cup Fans Drank a Russian City Dry

Several bartenders in Kazan reported that their stocks were completely emptied by the end of their nights.
Screenshot via The West Australian

You know, sometimes soccer just makes you thirsty—and water certainly won't do. Australian fans get this. Shit, they're practically running a professional drinking tournament alongside the soccer one.

Russia has proven to be a fertile testing ground for many an Australian liver, as fans of the Socceroos have been tearing through Russian villages and towns, drying up the beer wells. Like, literally. At least two bars were completely emptied of their stock on Saturday, per New Zealand-based website Stuff.


In the city of Kazan (pop. 1 million), bar owners have been glowing about Australians' legendary tolerance levels, as they've sold an incredible amount of alcohol to the estimated 15,000 visiting fans, who were on hand to witness the Socceroos's narrow 2-1 defeat at the hands of one of the tournament favorites, France.

One bartender in particular, Evgeny, at Gudini Bar, seemed almost honored to host the Australians. Per Stuff:

"Australian guys are like Russians, we are the same because we are drinking too much. In the morning, we did not have any beer in the pub. All the beer was drunk," Evgeny said.

"It was so busy, it was so much fun because a lot of Australian people came into our pub and drank all night. I don't know exactly how many glasses of beer I poured last night but I think it was one million."

Evgeny said he only slept three hours before having to restock his entire beer selection. Meanwhile, Ausies drained one bar of 450 liters (119 gallons) of beer and another bar, Republica, ran out of four of its five taps.

"It was a special night," said Republica bartender Aliya per Stuff. "They drank all the beer, we finished it. They watch the football and just drink beer. I don't know why."

I dunno, probably because of the World Cup.

Simultaneously, in the Kazan World Cup fan zone, Aussies continued with their tradition of creating a "beer snake." The snake eventually reached towering heights, with an estimated 1,000 cups, per The West Australian. One person on hand said that the only reason they stopped was because they "couldn't get anyone high enough." Those are some Babel-level proportions.

Just take a look (and please forgive the weird robot voice thing):

The Aussies tied Denmark 1-1 in Samara, Russia today. So if their loss to France yielded this kind of beer flood, just imagine what a draw is going to do. Good luck, bar tenders of Samara.