Anderson .Paak Returns With "Bubblin," Reveals He Has 65,000 Unreleased Songs

Anderson .Paak sits down with Zane Lowe to talk about his new single, "Bubblin," and working with Dr. Dre on his upcoming album.
Queens, US
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Anderson .Paak released "'Til It's Over" earlier this year, where we witnessed FKA Twigs dancing like no one was watching for an Apple commercial, and it looks like .Paak is ready to give us more tunes. It's been two years since Malibu, and the singer has been working steadily ever since. In an interview with Zane Lowe, .Paak reveals that he has thousands of songs in the vault, and today we're lucky enough to hear one.


Today, the single premiered as the World Record on Beats 1, and Anderson revealed the backstory behind "Bubblin," telling Lowe:

“Bubblin’” is just a whole lot of fun. I had the beat from Jhalil Beats and Antman Wonder. Jhalil sent me a pack of beats, you know 50, 60 beats. I loved them all. I was just writing to all these beats and that was one of them that I just loved off top. It sounded like some black 007 action adventure high-speed chase type of music. Originally I was trying to get Lil Sims to rap on it first because she was in the studio too. I remember trying to get other people on it, then eventually I just wrote on it. It took me a couple of days. I did it. I started it in L.A. and I finished it in New York. And it was just one of them ones. It gets the energy going, gets the blood going.

In the interview, he also revealed just how hard he's been working in the time between albums.

I have 65,000 songs in the vault. No features, fam. Some of them are a capella, no beats. 15-minute songs, my bro. Trust me, I’m good fam. This is a quality piece right here. This one should stick for at least six summers.

After signing to Aftermath in 2016, .Paak reveals what it's like to work alongside Dr. Dre.

He's in there producing beats. He's in there producing melodies, writing, ideas on sequencing, everything. Just the biggest help just having him as the filter, everything. It's like whatever we need. Ideas for the videos, all that. We breaking everything down with the big homie.

According to .Paak, we can "definitely expect" the followup to Malibu before the end of the year.

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