Weezer Finally Covered "Africa" and the Rains Are Truly Blessed

After weeks of pleading with Rivers Cuomo and company to cover this Toto song, our prayers have been answered.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been asking—begging, basically—for Weezer to cover the song “Africa” by Toto. We even elevated the voice of this beautiful angel high school student who dedicated a Twitter account to the sole purpose of making this happen. Why did we do this? Good question.

  • We like Weezer.
  • We like “Africa.” It is the Noisey go-to karaoke song. Also, after 5 PM on Fridays, HR lets us play music in the office and, as any of our coworkers can attest to, we kick off the weekend by blasting it at stun volume until people get annoyed and go home.
  • We are the internet generation and we feel entitled to things just by getting enough people online to demand them.


After weeks of toying with us, and at one point even covering a different Toto song to fuck with us, Rivers Cuomo and company finally did it. They covered “Africa” and it is so beautiful that our entire staff started crying in unison. We didn’t even have to say a word. We just looked at each other and felt the overwhelming power of rains being blessed gently, sweetly by Weezer.

Oh god, this feels so good. Thank you, Weezer, for fulfilling this dream in an otherwise horrid year. Wow, we are officially on an entitlement high for asking the internet for something and then actually receiving it. God, what else do we want? Well, for starters, NASA should project the Twilight movies onto the surface of the moon once a month. Also, Google should bring back Google Reader and Netflix should make another season of Party Down. And while we’re at it, the government should demilitarize the police, abolish ICE, and release prisoners serving time for marijuana offenses. Good lord this song sounds so good.