Welsh Killers Show Almost Ruined by Lack of Toilets, Fans Peeing Everywhere

A Killers concert in Swansea had no toilets for general admission concertgoers, resulting in fans missing large portions of the set to pee on a fence outside the venue.
June 26, 2018, 4:29pm
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

There are no jokes or clever references that can adequately set this up so here goes: The Killers played a show in Swansea, Wales over the weekend and it was somewhat sabotaged by people peeing everywhere. According to Wales Online, the band's set at Liberty Stadium had no toilets available for fans on the ground-level general admission area. This resulted in concertgoers needing to leave the stadium to go to the washroom in porta-potties. This did not go well, according to tweets by annoyed fans that paint a picture of piss-covered chaos:

The report tells stories of 45-minute-long lines for the porta-potties driving some fans to pee on a fence in desperation. "People were urinating everywhere," a fan told Wales Online, while another said that "I missed the first three songs because I was queuing for an hour to use the loo. A lot of the women in the queue were furious, saying they had basically spent £65 for a wee!” This fellow below even went to a nearby KFC for relief:

Despite this, the show was apparently a success for the most part, proving that even less-than-ideal washroom conditions can't dull the impact of "Mr. Brightside." Read the rest of the harrowing accounts here.

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