Mozzy Is Predictably Sharp On New Song, "Who Want Problems"

The Sacramento star shares a fresh single for the summer.
June 15, 2018, 5:47pm

Mozzy has had one hell of a 2018 already. Coming off of his stellar debut album 1 Up Top Ahk in 2017, the Sacramento star found his way on the TDE-curated soundtrack for Marvel's Black Panther back in February. To top it off, his song "Sleep Walkin'" was the last song played in the actual film before it ended.

For anyone who's been listening to Mozzy over the past few years, that type of opportunity isn't a surprise if you consider his talent. In terms of wordplay, storytelling, and sheer entertainment, Mozzy is one of the better rappers in the game right now. But considering that he's an independent artist from a city that hasn't produced a national star just yet, it's a great underdog story to witness. That narrative of constantly beating the odds is still what makes Mozzy's music so palatable to his audience, too.

"I was looking like a bum in the slum, but I fixed the image" is how he remembers his past in a new song called "Who Want Problems," which we're premiering the video for today. The song, like many of his others, it features the delicate keys and funky baseline of Bay Area rap. "This was a song I did a while back on a different beat and my manager/producer, DaveO, tweaked the beat and vocals and it became one of my favorite songs," Mozzy wrote over email. The video features him kicking it with friends from his Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento in various spots. Watch it below.

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