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Adult Swim Just Ordered 70 New Episodes of 'Rick and Morty'

Adult Swim

After months of radio silence and confusion about the status of Rick and Morty, we finally have some news: On Thursday, Adult Swim officially announced it ordered 70 new episodes of the hit show. In a significantly less official announcement, co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland rang in the good news with a goofy-ass video of themselves in Harmon’s shower, vowing to get back to work.

Rick and Morty earned a top spot among comedies in 2017, scoring the best ratings of any series in Adult Swim history. It seemed inevitable that a fourth season would get the green light soon after, with some Redditors theorizing that new episodes would be released as early as Christmas. But as the months rolled by, McDonald’s finally made enough Szechuan sauce to go around, and Harmon busied himself with a new podcast, fans still didn’t have any word on when Rick and Morty might be coming back.


With no new episodes to entertain them, fans returned to their favorite off-season pastimes. Some dredged the internet for every pop-culture reference to the show they could find, from cameos in My Little Pony to a crossover with Dungeons and Dragons, while others devoted time to home-made Rick and Morty porn. All the while, folks relentlessly badgered Harmon and Roiland about when the show would come back on social media.

One Twitter user’s persistence paid off when Harmon tweeted that season four hadn’t been renewed—later clarifying that the show was locked in contract negotiations with Adult Swim. On Thursday, apparently, those negotiations finally came to a close. As Harmon says in that shower video, "I guess it's time to go."

While the release didn't include an airdate for new episodes, Adult Swim announced it’s taking its giant Rickmobile on a nationwide tour, bringing Rick and Morty merch to the masses, pop-up style. The behemoth Rick-on-wheels rolls out in Atlanta, Georgia, May 17, and makes its last stop at San Diego Comic Con in July.

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