I'm Obsessed with the Story of Lil Xan's Allegedly Fake Ultrasound Pics

Internet sleuths have accused Xan and fiancée Annie Smith of using an ultrasound photo they found on Google as an image of their unborn child.
Leslie Horn
New York, US
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Some days you have a really good reason to get online, and today is one of those days. I logged on to learn that Lil Xan and his fiancée are being accused of sharing fake ultrasound pictures of their baby. Inject it into my veins.

Xan and his fiance announced that she was pregnant a little over a week ago, and on Friday Smith shared a vlog entitled "FIRST BABY PICTURES!!" in which she reveals she is nine weeks pregnant. In the video, Smith swipes through a couple of ultrasound pics on her iPhone, shares part of her beauty routine (??), then sits on a bed with Xan as he zooms in on the ultrasound scan, comments on the baby's large head, and asks eloquently "where his dick at?!" before conceding that they don't know the sex of the child yet. This is the kind of thing I would put into a time capsule to one day explain what 2019 was like.


Anyway, per BuzzFeed, shortly after the video was posted, Lil Xan fan accounts started to question the ultrasound pics, pointing out that the scans Smith showed looked almost identical to Google image results that come up when you search "week 9 ultrasound."

There are plenty more tweets like this that show results for similar search terms alongside the ultrasound. And now the social media mob is accusing the couple of not only faking the pics, but faking the whole damn pregnancy. For the record, the couple denies the claims. Smith told E! News, "When i posted my YouTube video with my ultrasound pictures, a girl (i'm not going to comment on who) photoshopped them with another persons name, year, birthday etc, and uploaded them to Google." Knowing the nature of internet stan culture, and based off a quick scan of how many girls on Instagram are commenting on Xan's photos to check his DMs, these claims could be completely false.

It's impossible to know what's actually going on here. I do know that babies at that early stage basically look like nothing, though no two ultrasounds look alike. It would be a pretty fucked up thing to fake a pregnancy, though I know it's been done before!

I have to admit I was absolutely transfixed by Lil Xan's whirlwind romance with Noah Cyrus, and I feel somewhat invested in the ongoing saga of his life. I think that's what happens with people who share so much, and judging off Annie's burgeoning YouTube presence, this pair plans to share a lot more. You bet your ass I just watched her whole-ass Europe packing video, and I am really hoping she addresses her recent face tattoo soon. And no matter what the truth is, this story is just too good. In the meantime, I'll take their story at face value and await the arrival of Liler Xan approximately 31 weeks from now.