How Physical Penetration Testers Break Into Supposedly 'Secure' Buildings

This week on CYBER, we talk to Jek, who tells us the tricks of her trade.
Image: Cathryn Virginia

When it comes to "hacking," many people are concerned with the stereotypically scary, hooded Mr. Robot character. One thing the hacking scene doesn’t always consider is the real world, pentesting hackers, who socially engineer their way into offices, supply centers, data centers, store stockrooms, and other supposedly "secure" locations. It's a job that relies on people skills and social engineering, and relies on the most reliable vulnerability of all: Human weakness.


This week, we talk to Jek, a physical penetration tester. She tells host Ben Makuch how she does it, some of her most memorable operations, and why other hackers think that what she does is "witchcraft."

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