Watch the Trailer for 'The Hole in the Ground,' the Scariest Movie at Sundance

It's been called "one of 2019's first great horror films" and the "next 'Hereditary.'"
The Hole in the Ground
Screenshot via A24

Last year at Sundance, A24 fully traumatized audiences with a midnight screening of Hereditary, a unique kind of horror movie that wound up being one of the most haunting and thought-provoking films of the year. Now, A24 is back at the film festival with a brand-new horror flick—and judging by the first trailer and the buzz around the movie, this one is going to be just as goddamn horrifying as Hereditary.


Director Lee Cronin's debut horror movie, The Hole in the Ground, premiered last weekend at Sundance and immediately started pulling in rave reviews. Variety called the film "a straight-up spookhouse ride," Slashfilm dubbed it "one of 2019's first great horror films," and IndieWire lauded it as "the next Hereditary." Meanwhile, festivalgoers immediately took to Twitter to sing its praises:

On Monday, A24 dropped the trailer for The Hole in Ground, so we can all get a taste of the film that scared the shit out of Sundance.

According to the movie's official synopsis, it follows a single mother named Sarah who moves to a "secluded new home in a rural town" with her young son, Chris—a kid who quickly falls into the classic horror trope of freaky-ass children doing freaky-ass shit.

"Chris disappears in the night into the forest behind their house," the synopsis reads, "and Sarah discovers an ominous, gaping sinkhole while searching for him. Though he returns, some disturbing behavioral changes emerge, and Sarah begins to worry that the boy who came back is not her son."

The Hole in the Ground stars Seána Kerslake and James Quinn Markey as Sarah and Chris, respectively. The film is set to hit DIRECTV at the end of the month, followed by a theatrical run beginning March 1. Until then, give the trailer a watch above, which might make you seriously reconsider ever having kids.

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