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Prosumer and Elena Colombi Feature in This Week's Seven Most Played

Also featuring new music on Future Times and Music From Memory.
Flickr user Ryan Somma

Good news everyone: soon school will be out, we won't have to worry about BIDMAS and metre sticks anymore, and instead we can spend our time cycling round in circles in the garden, watching Doctors while our mums iron, and waiting for the rain to stop. That's right, it's the summer holidays guys, and as such we've handpicked the ripest new music of the week to get you feeling suitably fruity. First up is the wonky funk of Repetentes 2008's "Boulevard Internacional" on Future Times, followed by the swagger of Caliban's "Super Natural Magic" on Music From Memory. Elsewhere, firm THUMP favourites Lung Dart have come through with some melting, sinister new material in the shape of What's Difficult Gets Easier, and we've been wallowing in the charged magic of Elena Colombi's recent stint on NTS. Finally Swiss-Turk Mehmet Aslan is doing wonderful things on his Phonica mix, Antal's set from a recent Dutch festival is a heady treat, and last but not least, the mighty Prosumer is on triumphant form for Crack Magazine.


1. Repetentes 2000 - Boulevard Internacional

2. Caliban - Super Natural Magic

3. Lung Dart - What's Difficult Gets Easier

4. Elena Colombi - NTS Radio

5. Mehmet Aslan - Phonica Mix 38

6. Antal - Strange Sounds From Beyond 2017

7. Prosumer - Crack Mix 151

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