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Minimal Violence's "Acid Lakes" Is for Raving into Tomorrow Morning

Hear the title track from the Vancouver duo's forthcoming EP on Lobster Theremin.
Photo by Ivanna Besenovsky

Following impressive releases on 1080p and Jungle Gym Records, Vancouver duo Minimal Violence have partnered with UK imprint Lobster Theremin for their next move. Today they've shared the title track from their forthcoming EP, Acid Lakes, which announces itself with a distorted fire alarm and proceeds to unravel a needling, dissonant mood.

For the five-track record, Lida Pawliuk and Ashlee Luk took inspiration from their approach to live performances, and this in-real-time feel gives "Acid Lakes" a commanding sense of visceral urgency. Over email, the Canadian pair told THUMP about what mood they wanted to evoke with the song. "'Acid Lakes' is a early morning track. Clanging pitched hats and low acid set against slow emotive pads… We wanted to capture that melancholy feeling when the first light hits and the dance is still strong."

Acid Lakes will be released on July 14, and is available for pre-order. Last month, THUMP talked to Minimal Violence about Vancouver's new electronic scene.

Acid Lakes Tracklist: A1. Untitled Workout
A2. Can't Stop Loving You
A3. HMV 94
B1. Now!
B2. Acid Lakes

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