Hell Yeah, Here Are Three Shiny New Songs From PC Music's Hannah Diamond

Depending on your music taste, 'Soon I won't see you at all' is either great or terrible news. Fight, fight, fight!!!
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
December 14, 2017, 11:53am

Big week for weird UK pop, huh? Just one day before fellow PC Music affiliate Charli XCX drops her second mixtape of the year, Hannah Diamond—who's been quiet recently—is back with three new saccharine tracks, and they're exactly the sugar rush your mid-December slump is crying out for.

Soon I won't see you at all, which I guess is an EP of sorts, features production by AG Cook, as well as two songs written by him alongside Diamond, "Never Again" and "The Ending." Those two tracks sandwich another called "Concrete Angel," which, of course (this is PC Music), has a banging donk slapped on the end of it for literally no reason whatsoever. Why the hell not?

Opener "Never Again" is replete with a sing-songy chorus and Imogen Heap-esque AutoTune harmonies, while "The Ending" is like if a tropical house beat was fed through software that makes it sound like a lullaby—it's the best of the lot, with a hook that drifts up, taking you skyward. In all, that's basically business as usual from the divisive Hannah Diamond, which is either great or terrible news depending on your preferences. I happen to be very into it. Beam me up, AG.

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