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This is Not Your Typical Pitch Invader Video

Someone in the United Arab Emirates has reinvented the pitch invasion.
Screenshot via Reddit user AlKarakhboy

There are people in this world that can see the future. Some people call them innovators—some people, unfortunately, call them 'disruptors.' These are the people who acknowledge the flaws in our current system and provide much needed change.

In this particular case, someone has reinvented the pitch invasion. Because too often, a human being invader without a metric ton of metal protection around them is just waved off, or tackled by security. But when you're in a car… aha! Ain't nobody taking you down.

Reddit user AlKarakhboy nabbed this video of what they claim is a pitch invasion at a United Arab Emirates youth league.

There are a couple of moments that the car veers dangerously close to some players, but it all seems in good fun? Note: the honking.

Anyway, the whole episode is made all the more hilarious by it being a VW bug. Because it kinda looks like a soccer ball, is nerdy AF, and makes it seem like someone's dad is picking them up from practice. Probably should have driven into the net, though.