G Perico Wants His Friends to Get Rich Too

Watch the LA rapper's new video for song "Everybody."
November 30, 2017, 10:14pm

We should all aspire to achieve G Perico's level of productivity. The South Central LA, G-funk-loving rapper's 2017 has included two solo projects and a joint tape with Jay Worthy. Now as the year comes to a close, Perico is gearing up to release another solo effort titled 2 Tha Left, which arrives on December 8.

“I don’t know," Perico told me over email in response to where he finds the fuel to produce so much work. "Just the thought of going back to the slums lights a fire under my ass.” Getting just himself out of the slums isn't his only motivation, either. One of 2 Tha Left's featured songs, "Everybody," which we're premiering the video for today, celebrates Perico's success but there's no fun in enjoying it by himself. On the song's funky hook, he raps, "I'm tryna get rich with everybody I know/ Put you up on game, make sure you ain't broke."

The video reflects that admission. In a beautifully sun-lit spot in the California hills, Perico shoots dice, plays pool, and sips Hennessy with the people he cherishes the most. "The energy of the song inspired the video," he said. "I had to get a lot of my OG homies, or older homies that helped me along the way. I had to get them in there 'cause that’s who I got the game from." Watch "Everybody" below.

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