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AJ Tracey's New 'Secure The Bag' EP Is a Level-Up

Spoiler alert: both JME and Craig David are on it.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image via YouTube

Earlier this week, AJ Tracey dropped a new single, "Quarterback," a track he's been playing live at shows all summer. Along with "Blacked Out," released back in August, the track was another preview of his Secure the Bag! EP, which, is finally here in all its glory today.

The EP feels like a level-up from last year's Lil Tracey – Tracey's sound and flow have matured, and his versatility on varied beats is better served here. It includes features from across grime, rap and R&B, with 67, JME, Craig David (who makes a typically smooth appearance on final track "You Don't Know Me", quite literally singing "man are shelling down shows"), and US rapper Denzel Curry all showing up with different things to offer. It makes for an EP that feels accomplished, and will leave listeners hungry for a debut album, which we very much hope comes in 2018.

Listen to it below, and feel hopeful for the future of British music, to be honest.

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