We Turned the MUNCHIES Garden into a Nordic Paradise


This story is over 5 years old.

We Turned the MUNCHIES Garden into a Nordic Paradise

Taste the magic yourself this weekend at MUNCHIES festival.

As part of the lead-up to this weekend's MUNCHIES Festival in New York, we let some amazing guest chefs warm up on our rooftop garden—mostly as an excuse to eat a bunch of food prepared by some of the best Nordic chefs on the planet.

The menu was an epic eight-course feast courtesy of Aska's Frederik Berselius, Danish chefs Mikkel Marshall and Morten Falk, both of whom worked at Kadeau, and Sayan Isaksson from Esperanto in Stockholm.


King crab was the star of the show, making very wonderful appearances in a crab meat salad, and in the broth for Morten Falk's cod dish, which was also spiked with that lethal Nordic nectar: akvavit.

Berselius served lightly-cured Norwegian steelhead trout topped with pickled ramps from upstate New York, while Isaksson grilled chunks of halibut brushed in aged beef fat, with a side of dried milk skin and a hearty cup of fish bone dashi on the side.

The cocktails were as wild as the food; Geoffrey Canilao from Balderdash in Copenhagen served a very Nordic take on the gin and tonic, integrating a scoop of green apple sorbet and a beaver gland spray for good measure. Søren Krogh from Stork Concepts mixed his gin with macerated plums, wood sorrel, and some very pretty flowers from the MUNCHIES garden.

The weather was probably minus Hell back home in Scandinavia, so this was really the best of both worlds: a balmy New York summer night and with Nordic seafood and ice cold drinks.

All of these Nordic delights await you this weekend at the MUNCHIES Festival. See you there—it's going to be a banger. Skål!