On "Goodnight," Easy Are a Sweet Rock ‘N’ Roll Band, Baby

Have a first listen to the collaboration between Josh Landau of The Shrine and pro skater Don Nguyen, introduced by Blake Anderson.
September 29, 2017, 4:11pm

"Goodnight," the first single from LA band Easy, comes with a That '70s Show-style intro video starring Blake Anderson from Workaholics. It makes perfect sense for a band that sounds like the soundtrack to the type of domestic beer-reeking night out in Jimmy Carter's America that would piss off your military-haircut dad.

The band got started at the back end of last year, after some loose, psychedelic jam sessions between pro skater Don Nguyen and Josh Landau of openly filthy Californian three-piece, The Shrine. After laying down a two-minute demo of "Goodnight" on a trip to New York, the duo went back west with a new sound and recruited guitarist Jordan Jones, synth player Ben Brown, and drummer Wilder Zoby.

"Goodnight" takes The Shrines's scuzzy rock and jacks it up on cinema-grade candy. It's all pop-rock riffs, high-pitched organs, and overblown solos. Listen to it below.

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