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PartyNextDoor Pours Boiling Water Down His Throat to Help Him Write Hits

Come and heat meeeeee for once.

Mississauga's proudest son PartyNextDoor has purposefully kept himself an enigma for years, giving only a handful of interviews to esteemed reporters. In what has to be only his third or fourth chat, Party sat down with Zane Lowe of Beats 1 to provide the most in-depth look at his songwriting and creative process to date. What Lowe seems to have found is a deeply particular artist who cares about every aspect of his workflow, as demonstrated in this bizarre and somewhat alarming tidbit:


Zane Lowe: How do you take care of your voice?

PartyNextDoor: I dropped smoking. I treat my vocals as an instrument. I'll take a shot of vodka if I want it to be raspy… I tell whoever's in the studio to get boiling hot water, like super boiling, that they're afraid to give it to me. I put it exactly on the back of my tongue to shock my body. That cleans it up.

There is some basis for this: warm water with honey and lemon is a staple for singers to care for their vocals, but it's typically not literally boiling in a pot. Leave it to 'Sauga to take things to the furthest level. We're so used to mediocrity that we have to go that extra mile to make ourselves exceptional. I respect it.

Elsewhere, PND discusses how his Rihanna-sung classic "Work" was not originally a reggae song, and how his biggest influence for writing the infectiously nagging melodies of "Wild Thoughts" was Ja Rule and 90s New York rap ("baby baby baby BABY"). Watch the entire interview above.

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