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Our Favorite Games of 2018: 'Hollow Knight'

Join us in the deepnest, as we wrap our brains around 2018's best 2017 video game.

Welcome to Waypoint's End of Year celebration! This year, we're digging deep into our favorite games with dedicated podcasts, interviewing each other about our personal top 10 lists, and reflecting on the year with essays from the staff and some of our favorite freelance contributors. Check out the entire package right here!

Yes, Hollow Knight was released in 2017. No, Waypoint doesn’t care. It wasn’t until Hollow Knight arrived on Switch earlier this year that Patrick, Austin, and Natalie fell head over insect heels (do insects have heels?) for a game that captured our attention and imagination. Is it any surprise, given the way games like Dark Souls were invoked when talking about Hollow Knight? But the Dark Souls comparison, while apt and important, sells a terrific and ambitious game short, and that’s where this conversation comes in, a chance to spend a long time remembering our terrifying adventures in the deepnest, a deep love for the respectful stag, and so much more.

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