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Monthly Horoscope: Gemini, December 2018

Welcome to Sagittarius season, Gemini!
November 29, 2018, 4:18pm

The sun is illuminating the relationship sector of your chart, but with your ruling planet Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, communication hasn’t been so easy. The energy shifts on December 1, when Mercury backs out of Sagittarius and reenters Scorpio, making communicating with your partners less annoying, but scheduling time to see them more annoying! Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will turn your schedule upside down—but this may be a good thing, because you can rearrange your life so that it works better after the retrograde, too. Projects you previously had to put on the back burner will resurface, and even ones you thought you'd completed will reemerge!


At least some pleasant energy will flow in your day-to-day life and at your job, thanks to Venus entering Scorpio on December 2. Venus in Scorpio will also assist you in editing your wardrobe and beautifying yourself through spa treatments or simply staying hydrated (Scorpio is a water sign, Gemini, drink that water!). Venus in Scorpio—a sign that can get jealous, possessive, and obsessive—is best when it’s not too thirsty.

Mercury ends its retrograde on December 6, and a new moon in Sagittarius arrives on December 7, bringing a fresh start to your relationships—but a hazy energy is in the air, due to Mars and Neptune’s meeting in the sky. Mars is the planet of action, but when it meets with Neptune, it has no idea where it’s headed, as Neptune comes with a dense fog. You’re especially going to feel this energy in your career. This is a frustrating time, but things will clear up eventually. Just do your best not to get sucked into paranoid thinking since Neptune is the planet of fantasy and also delusion. Your communication and relationships will get a boost by Mercury reentering Sagittarius on December 12, and mid-month brings a flurry of easygoing planetary connections that will support you, Gemini.

Venus and Saturn connect on December 16, helping you approach a situation that’s been annoying you gently, yet firmly. You’re putting plans in place, and there’s a cool but kind energy in the air. It's not the most affectionate, cuddly energy, but it is a great time to tend to business. Mars and Pluto connect on December 17, creating a powerfully transformative energy and helping you push forward with important projects. Exciting meetings take place on December 20, when the sun connects with electric Uranus—some breakthrough ideas are likely to land, too!

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The winter solstice, December 21, is one of the most magical days of the month, so circle the date on your calendar. It's the beginning of Capricorn season, which finds you confronting your fears and limitations, and most importantly, opening yourself up to previously unimagined ways of being. The most fantastic transformations can take place now, even though facing the unknown can be scary. Your partners are here to help—your ruling planet Mercury meets with lucky Jupiter on December 21 in the relationship sector of your chart. Venus and Neptune also meet on December 21, bringing you a massive burst of creativity!

The full moon in Cancer arrives December 22, and while the sun in Capricorn finds you focused on many spiritual and emotional matters (not to mention, your sex life—which will be a major focus of Capricorn season for you!), this full moon brings a climax to a financial situation. Emotionally, this full moon is in a sensitive one, and will find you reflecting on your sense of self-worth. Cancer is the crab with a hard, protective shell: How are you building security in your life, dear Gemini?

A big energy shift arrives when action planet Mars enters fire sign Aries on December 31, igniting the sector of your chart that rules your social life and the groups and communities you belong to. Expect to meet some exciting, pioneering people who will encourage you to share your ideas with the world and create change—but also expect to cut some ties now. Anyone who doesn’t share your passion, vision, and values needs to go. This is a powerful time to get involved in your community and with the causes you believe in. Good luck this month, and see you in the new year!