Trump's war with Bannon just turned into a legal fight

Trump says he'll seek monetary damages if Bannon continues to blab.

The lawyers are now involved in the Bannon backlash.

Donald Trump’s attorney sent Steve Bannon a cease-and-desist letter Wednesday, accusing the former White House strategy director of breaking a nondisclosure agreement.

Bannon’s quotes in a preview of Michael Wolff’s gossipy page-turner "Fire and Fury" caused a minor MAGA earthquake Wednesday, the Breitbart chief calling his former boss unprepared for office and accusing Don Jr. of committing treason when he had the infamous June 2016 meeting with Russians at Trump Tower.


Trump in reply fired out a statement claiming Bannon had “lost his mind” as well as his job.

The legal notice said Bannon had violated the NDA in his employment agreement by "disclosing confidential information" and "making disparaging statements and in some cases outright defamatory statements to Mr. Wolff about Mr. Trump, his family members, and the company."

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The letter added that Trump will seek monetary damages should Bannon continue to blab, while Trump attorney Charles Harder warned “legal action is imminent.”

After leaving the White House, Bannon returned to Breitbart News as executive chairman, where he does a regular radio show. In last night's broadcast he called Trump a "great man" and said he still supports him, sidestepping the drama.

All members of the Trump White House signed an NDA prohibiting the disclosure of any “confidential information” about the president.

Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reportedly had an offer to write a book about his time on the campaign called “Let Trump Be Trump.” However, HarperCollins pulled out of the $1.2 million deal, concerned the NDA would leave the text light on intrigue.