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Sample Vile Gash's Hideous and Harsh Hardcore Punk

Listen to some tracks from the long running Columbus, Ohio band's upcoming album.
Photo: Discogs

Things can sometimes seem bleak but they will never be as bleak as a Vile Gash record.

Nightmare in a Damaged Brain, a 12-track album that's been years in the making, will be released early next year on Youth Attack and continues the Columbus, Ohio band's hideous and vitriolic hardcore. We're not even going to say that this is misanthropic music. This is more than just antisocial behaviour, this is an album that's been structured around pure hate and has been described as a "feel-bad experience like no other".

Of the album's three songs available on the Youth Attack Bandcamp page, "Parasitic" - all 44 seconds - is the one that's going to have you feeling even more alienated over the holiday season. When vocalist Andrew Hinton drops an "Ooof" over crushing guitars and drums it's a sound of total despair.

Hopefully Youth Attack release enough copies of the album so that it won't sell out in the first three days. We're not counting on it though.

‘Nightmare in a Damaged Brain’ is available Jan 25 on Youth Attack.