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Watch Meyhem Lauren Try Christmas Sandwiches for the First Time

“It’s a very exciting concept. I like Christmas, I like sandwiches.”

This article originally appeared on MUNCHIES in December 2016.

Every December in Britain, supermarkets and chain eateries preempt the festive season by cramming the components of a traditional Christmas dinner—turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce … erm, crispy onions?—into sandwiches and getting us to buy them for lunch in an attempt to feel all fuzzy and Christmassy at our desks as we battle end-of-year spreadsheets and office party hangovers.

During his recent visit to London, we introduced Fuck, That’s Delicious star and vocal turkey advocate Meyhem Lauren to this noble festive ritual. He tasted four of the British high street’s most popular Christmas sandwiches, including a veggie stuffing version from Pret a Manger and Co-op’s turkey and trimmings creation.

Watch to see Meyhem's thoughts on his first Christmas sandwich experience.