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Rangers Pitcher Breaks Elbow in Run-in With a Bull, Like, the Animal

Martin Perez got scared by a bull in a pen and wound up breaking a bone in his elbow.
Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Some 58 days before pitchers and catchers are set to report for Rangers spring training, Texas pitcher Martin Perez is already the clubhouse leader for freak injury. Usually some guy falls down the stairs of his rental, or falls through the roof of his barn. And usually these injuries happen, you know, during spring training. But we've got an overachiever on our hands heres. And a scary-ass bull, apparently, too.


That's pretty vague, right? I mean, it is very solid on some specific details: nature of injury, timeline for return. But it is also very light on the extremely interesting part of the injury, which is how it happened, which involves a goddamned "incident with a bull." Incident with a bull could run the gamut from "goring" to "walked by a china shop at the wrong time and took some shrapnel." Evan, my dude, help us out here.

LOL, oh Martin. At least everyone is safe—relatively speaking—and we can laugh about this now.