This town voted to leave the EU — now they want back in

Grimsby voted "leave" to revive its fishing industry — but now locals are seeking an exemption from Brexit.

As Britain's divorce from the European Union slogs into its second phase, politicians and the public are beginning to realize that voting for change is much easier than agreeing on what that change will actually look like. Nowhere is this so stark than in Grimsby — a port town in the north east of England which is now seeking to preserve the multilateral trade agreement they voted to upend.

England's seafood heartland voted overwhelmingly in favor of leaving the European Union in 2016. Many pinned the decisive vote on the lingering resentment towards the EU, which people here blame for the destruction of its fishing industry.


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But Brexit could present its own set of problems for the fishing industry, especially if trade talks go badly for Britain. So, Grimsby is pursuing special protections to preserve its low tariffs; access to migrant labor, and, limited customs checks on imports.

VICE News went to Grimsby to meet the city's crucial fish processing community that's trying to take matter into their own hands.

This segment originally aired December 21, 2017 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.