BMX Biker's Jingle Balls Saved By Fence in Christmas Miracle

This man nearly died in a BMX stunt.
December 29, 2017, 8:06pm
Screenshot via @nathansykes IG

When it comes to the holiday season, you have to live your life on the edge. Sometimes you fall, but sometimes—rarely—you find yourself comfortably teetering in the balance. Like, millimeters away from rupturing your Christmas ornaments.

BMX rider Anthony Napo attempted a huge front flip from a pool to the outside of the skate park. In the process, he very nearly impaled his groin on the three-foot tall spiky top of a fence. Just watch:

His legs seem to split the space between the rails, and his bike somehow fit comfortably underneath him. And somehow, voice sounds pretty measured, as he lifts himself up from his damn-near shish-kabobbing.