Which Spice Girl You Are, According to Your Zodiac Sign

It's too hard to pick a favorite, so look to the stars instead.
January 23, 2018, 6:43pm
The Spice Girls
Photo by Ray Burmiston/Photoshot/Getty Images

January 23rd, 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of the infamous Spice Girls film, Spice World. The historical moment has us at Broadly mired in late ‘90s nostalgia—but we’re not mad. As we revisit the movie and Britain’s most famous girl group—one with a cult-like following that’s still going strong—we’ve been asking ourselves some big questions.

Was Spice World so good because it’s good, or because it’s bad? Can one really pick a favorite Spice Girl? If I were a Spice Girl, which one would I be? As we contemplate these mysteries, we’ve turned to the planets and stars—and Broadly’s staff astrologer Annabel Gat—to help guide us to the answers.


While it’s certainly possible to be a loud-mouthed leader who also enjoys athleisure and the occasional lollipop, we’ve learned that some signs in the Zodiac are far more Scary Spice than they are Baby Spice.

Scary Spice: Sagittarius Scorpio, Pisces

Scary Spice was, without question, the most fun Spice Girl. We simultaneously wanted to be her and know her. She is confident, eccentric, and hilarious. The only thing in the room that came close to matching her energy was her outfit, and she managed to pull it off in a way that only Mel B could. Gat says that Fire sign Sagittarius likely sees themselves most in Scary Spice. “Fire is all about living life passionately, taking risks, expressing yourself creatively, partying, and having fun,” she says. Combine that with Sag’s blunt way of communicating and they’re all Mel B.

However, it’s important not to forget Water signs Scorpio and Pisces who also share those passions. Like Mel B, Scorpios have an edge to them that leaves a lasting impression. While Pisces are generally shy, Gat says that “occasionally you'll get the outgoing Pisces and they can really be the life of the party.”

Ginger Spice: Leo, Aries

While Scary Spice is certainly the most outgoing in the group, Ginger Spice was without doubt the leader of the bunch. Unlike Scary Spice, however, she often seized the opportunity to put on her serious cap. As a result, she was tasked with the responsibilities of the group. Leos, with their big egos and leadership skills, likely identified with Ginger Spice the most. Though she got her name from her bright red hair, her personality is equally fiery and energetic. More than the other five, Ginger Spice plugged the group’s platform of feminism and Girl Power when and wherever she could. “She feels like an Aries to me too,” says Gat. “Aries people are loud mouthed, they like to fight for what they believe in.”

Sporty Spice: Aquarius, Capricorn

Sporty Spice, in her Adidas tracksuits and dad trainers, championed athleisure long before Yeezus was dressing America’s royal family in sweats, sports bras, and sneakers. While Gat says any sign could enjoy working out and staying fit, you won’t find most of them leaving the house in greasy updos and gym clothes. Aquarians, however, are down with being comfy 24/7. They’re too deep in their thoughts to be concerned with keeping up in uncomfortable, trendy looks. Street smart and grounded, Capricorns also identify with Sporty Spice. They’ve got the discipline to commit to difficult physical challenges and they’re not ones to skimp out on hard work.

“Aries people are loud mouthed, they like to fight for what they believe in.”

Posh Spice: Libra, Virgo

Ahh, Posh Spice. With her nose never not angled towards the clouds and her sleek, glossy bob, she wasn’t exactly the chillest Spice Girl. In fact, she was the only member who attempted a military obstacle course in a mini dress in the deranged, postmodern masterpiece that was Spice World: The Movie. Nevertheless, Libras loved her because they love looking in the mirror. “Libras can be very snobby” says Gat. “They’re also very popular and very fashion forward.” The critical perfectionists that they are, Virgos certainly relate to Posh Spice, who wouldn’t be seen in public with a single hair out of place. Like her, they like their privacy, and tend to only speak when they have something particularly cheeky or biting to say.

Baby Spice: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

Last but not least, Baby Spice. With bleach blonde pigtails and lollipops as accessories, Baby Spice wasn’t exactly easy to take seriously but her ability to see the positive in every situation definitely won her a soft spot in our hearts. Gat says Baby Spice is most similar to spring and summer signs like Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Tauruses are extremely chill and attached to their senses. Like our youngest Spice Girl, they’re happy to stop and smell the roses or indulge in sweet treats. Gemini’s relate most to the fun and bubbly aspects of Baby Spice that make her a beacon of light in stressful times. Cancers are sweet and cuddly. Like Baby Spice, they intuitively know when their friends need a hug or just someone to sit with and get their mind off whatever is worrying them.