Desus & Mero

This Homework Assignment Is Hella Racist

VICELAND's Desus and Mero talk about the fourth grade class that was asked to list three "good reasons" for slavery.

Seeing that it's 2018, it's safe to say that everyone who isn't a total racist sociopath believes that slavery was and is bad. Like, 100 percent bad. Really terrifyingly, horrifically bad.

But apparently one fourth grade teacher in Wisconsin was looking for some alternative theories after asking the class to list three "good" and "bad" reasons for slavery in a recent homework assignment. Hey, got to hear both sides, right?

On Thursday's Desus & Mero, the hosts talked about the offensive question and how the Christian school responded. Then things took an interesting turn, and Desus and Mero went on a wild tangent about George Washington Carver, Chris Hayes, and unnecessary peanut inventions.

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